We humans are in a very strange dilemma, and here it is.  We believe that we must bring about our own salvation through thinking.   The recognition that we need ‘saving’ is a true insight, but we then go on to try and figure out with our faulty mind, what we must do to bring this about.    Observation of this impulse in ourselves and the subsequent wrong mental action, is illumination we can actually use in our quest for Wholeness.  Vernon Howard is like a lighthouse in a stormy ocean.    Here is an excerpt from one of the thousands of talks Mr Howard gave:


Student:  This active person is constantly trying to fulfill itself.
Vernon:  All right. Look.  Let’s do some work.  Let’s slow down now.  You can know where you are in this room.  You don’t have to be thinking right now.  You can simply know that you’re here.   You can be aware of yourself.  You can be aware of my voice as I’m talking to you.  You can know where your hands are, your physical posture.

What more do you want than that?  When the time comes for thinking that you’re going to pick up your notebook, or you’re going to walk out the door; when the time comes for thinking, it will come to you. You don’t have to plan your life.  Your life is already planned for you if you can see it,  but you have to take it.  So if you sit here now thinking and collecting knowledge in part — that’s part of it.  What else do you have to do?  Why do you complicate your life by thinking so hard.


Inner Life Exercise

Exercise 16

You Are New Every Moment

Picture in your mind an old haunted house in a windy forest.  Now, if workmen do not come along and prop it up with wood and cement it will finally collapse and be blown away.  On the clear land a new mansion can be built.

The haunted house is a man’s old and usual and faulty nature.  If a man will stop trying to repair his mental haunted house with repetitious thoughts it will eventually cease to exist.  In its place will appear a spiritual mansion, a new nature.

Your exercise is to study these ideas until understanding them completely, for out of that understanding will arise corrective action.  Here is what you must see:  You become inwardly new each moment that you do not repair your imaginary personality, your false self, by allowing wrong and self-centered thoughts to repeat themselves in your mind.  The very absence of the old makes room for the new.

You can become a new kind of human being in any moment you remember and practice this exercise.  Even if you fail a thousand times, these failures are already in the past, so you can go into new and liberating action right now.

This exercise contains the great secret of eternal life. 

The more you love Truth the more you will see the miracle of a new life.

-Vernon Howard  Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony


  1. Gina on April 5, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    Understanding is everything… and Interest! Replace interest in the self-absorbed feelings of pity, sadness, irritation with interest in what this life is all about. We are our own factories for trial and error, but we must not fall in love with the sick ‘warmth’ of negativity! So many lessons and I definitely don’t want to waste any more of them!

  2. Terry on April 7, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Be completely present, and as Vernon says, ‘When the time comes for thinking, it will come to you’. That is all. In reality, there is no such think as having to figure our lives out. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can live the way we were meant to live.

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