You Can Know

You Can Know the Right Thing to Do

(from Esoteric Path to a New Life by Vernon Howard)post-11

People constantly cry out, “But what shall I do?”  The answer is that you have nothing to do but be yourself, which means to stop being the stranger that goes around masquerading as you and spilling you into one heartache after another.

When you are yourself, the question of what to do will never arise, you simply flow.  In this free flowing there is no separation between you and whatever comes your way.  Because you are one with all of life, there is nothing to question, nothing to decide, nothing to fight.  In this state of understanding the entire world is yours.


Inner Life Exercise

The world is your classroom.  Use it as such.  Observe how anxiety and confusion dominate the people you know.  Then notice how unhappiness and pretense go together.  Then see even deeper.  See that unhappy people live in pretense because they don’t know what else to do.  They actually believe that pretense is essential to their survival.

The fact is, pretense is just another prison bar preventing wholeness.  The very awareness of this is an invitation to wholeness.