You Can Live in Natural Newness
– Vernon Howard

Asked Dr. Richard D., “How can we free the mind from a negative thought which tries to invade and injure us?” Answer: “By letting it go the instant it appears. People cling to negative thoughts because they love their nervous vibrations, which is false life. Sacrifice exciting vibrations, such as those aroused by envy or loss, in favor of true life.”

Never plan your public behavior, either consciously or unconsciously. That wastes energy. To contrive impressive behavior only splits you into an artificial self and a natural self, making strain and conflict inevitable. Dare to take no thought for tomorrow, then, after passing through temporary discomfort, you will be natural, spontaneous, completely at ease.

Your work works for you. It builds itself. Self-certainty and self-government become your easy and natural way of life. Perhaps a few weeks ago you could perform only one small task, maybe the reading of informative books. But now you can do many things at the same time, with just as much ease as before. In addition to reading, you can now refuse to accept irritation as necessary, you can feel the thrill of taking a new responsibility for yourself, you can give no thought to a person who formerly frightened you.

Your life is quite capable of living itself naturally and easily. It does not need strained attempts at control. It is the attempt at control which causes loss of control. Have you ever noticed your lack of command at the moment you try to command? When demanding something from another person, you lose command of yourself. You and your life are one and the same so there is no you and a life to command. When you are one with yourself, you are also one with life, which is full control and complete relaxation.

When a stream approaches a series of rocks, it has no preconceived plans for passing them. It does not see the rocks as opponents or as threats to its own existence. The very fluid nature of water tells it how to rightly meet everything in its path. Let this natural wisdom also be in you. Meet everything with a free and flexible mind which is not tied to past experiences. You will then meet all events without alarm, with quiet progress.”


  1. Gina on April 29, 2018 at 2:03 am

    “Your life is quite capable of living itself naturally and easily.” How beautiful!! I just need to step aside… What a royal invitation!

  2. Steve on May 6, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Don’t put off your happiness to some imaginary future life that your tricky mind has concocked …Elvis was right, “it now or never.”

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