Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony


(excerpts from Vernon Howard’s classic booklet)

Get out of the tension trap. You can unlearn tension with these two steps: a. Be aware of physical tension. b. Deliberately relax from it. Run your attention over yourself to detect stressful states. Examples: Tense hands, anxious voice, tight jaw, nervous face. Now, consciously relax. Let go of yourself. This sends an invitation to mind and emotions: “Please be calm like me.” They will obey! Now you are receptive to Higher Truth!


Practice at interrupting mechanical thoughts. This classic spiritual exercise works wonders for you. Interrupt your usual thoughts by becoming conscious of whatever you are doing at the moment. Don’t get lost in thought, but be aware of yourself breathing, talking, lifting a cup, nodding your head. Turn your attention back on yourself and catch yourself in action. In these moments you are seeing, not thinking, which makes life a pleasure.


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