stormAccept Your Harmony
Vernon Howard, Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge

The classic song ‘The Lost Chord’, is a summary of man’s ceaseless search for something beyond himself.  Written by Sir Arthur Sullivan and Adelaide Proctor, the song tells of an organist who played idly upon the organ keys.  In a weary mood, he was unaware of what he was playing, until by chance he struck one grand chord of inspiring harmony.  That one magnificent chord quieted all sorrow, answered all questions.

The organist sought once more to experience that divine combination of notes, but it eluded him.  But he remained hopeful that sometime, somewhere, he would find and hear it again.

Within every human being are all the needed notes with which to play the grand music of True Life.  We need only eliminate false notes and invite true ones in order to hear the harmonious music sleeping within us.
At this very moment you can accept your life-harmony.  Accept it.

Inner Life Exercise
Vernon Howard, Freedom from a Life of Hell
77.  KNOW THIS  To approach heaven, memorize and act upon these two facts:  a.  A person’s own thoughts and actions make him sad and sick.  b.  His deep insight into this frees him of being a victim of himself.  Develop self-insight by knowing that your resentments hurt you, that your plans to feel safe make you feel nervous, that your self-obsession imprisons you.  If your apple tree bears sour apples it is ridiculous to try to improve your neighbor’s apple tree.



  1. Steve Hunter on October 3, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    The only problem I have is me. There is only one problem and that is the person I see in the mirror. It is so easy to blame others and complain about the woes of life. Once you see that you love to complain and you love to blame others and that it makes you sicker and sicker to do it. the answer is very easy , just don’t do it. What will happen, try it and find out and you’ll be glad you did.

  2. Max on November 29, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Vernon Howard
    You don’t have to do it by yourself. All you need is the dissolving of your false picture personality. You don’t have to live your own life. You have nothing left to do but just give up. Not in despair, but just in seeing you don’t control the universe. We teach you in these classes to come to a stop. It’s pointless to arrange furniture in the dark, you’ll just trip and fall again because the furniture is always moving. Just stand there having given up any egotistical notions of how independent you are, that you have it made. All lost people are violent people. No more false intelligence of your own, no more of your acquired stubbornness and accumulated knowledge. Do you know how tricky your mind is! You don’t even know you’re in the dark! If you know what to do next, you’ll repeat the whole vicious, painful cycle. When I look out there at your faces I see defeated people, but I see intelligent defeat; not stupid defeat like the alcoholic down at the skid row place. Intelligent defeat is seeing you’re not in charge of yourself, but a willingness to have Truth take control. Not you, because God is Who ‘you’ are not. Freedom has ALWAYS been there! Time to say ‘yes!’ To the Only Thing that really cares for you!
    ~Vernon Howard from talk 8/5/84

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