Are You Being Paid?

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Personal Insights

Are you being paid?

Great question to ask oneself. Vernon once gave a great talk about a man who got a new job. After working for a week, the employer never paid him at the end of the week. He was new, so he figured they must pay every two weeks, but at the end of the second week, he still received no paycheck. Not wanting to make waves, after all he was a new employee, telling   himself, “well, they must pay monthly, that’s it.” His bills were piling up, and he was getting worried. He needed that paycheck. The month passed right by, but still, there was no paycheck. He couldn’t take it any longer and timidly approached his boss about the matter. His boss said; Oh, this job is a non-paying job; you work for free. This story clarifies how we continue to do the same things psychologically and expect different results.

 The definition of insanity is to do the same thing but expecting different results.

What a fantastic short story to illustrate all the efforts we all make to be appreciated and loved, only to receive very little in return. Question: Has life been paying you with happiness, security, and contentment and putting you at ease? It’s important.  Humans ask for so little, happy with mere crumbs when we should be boldly asking and receiving tons of fulfillment, lessons, and life realizations. If daily inspiration and developing inwardly into a more inspired, content, and happy individual isn’t happening, it’s simple. It’s time to change employment. Get a job that pays. Quit using the mind for what the spirit must do. These teaching and facts are all about seeing and finding something new.

The Mind will never bring about fulfillment!

The mind can only deliver new promises but does not deliver on those promises. Change everything by observing yourself making false promises to yourself. Seeing this terrible mistake makes us look in a new direction. All trickery is self-trickery. Truth is the employer who pays daily in gold. Psychological Gold.

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  1. What does being paid mean? How about you begin to see thru people. They have no idea when you see their secret motives. They may say one thing but they could really believe the opposite. You can see people bothering themselves over the most trivial events and they don’t know they are doing this. Your inner eyes start to change, and you see what you could not see before. These insights brings an life invigorating inspirational feeling towards life that is new, and stimulates your psychic to see even more. You become super creative towards everything and your energy level is changing. You find happiness in the smallest of things and you are at peace. What a worthwhile goal to seek…the unknown. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

  2. Self-facing is the answer to all your griefs.

  3. Time to stop waiting on being paid by a mind that’s broke. Time to stop waiting on being paid by the approval of others. The list can go on forever! Realization of this is definitely a Heavenly Paycheck!

    • This is a good point John, Yes Broke, but wearing fine clothes and appearing to be rich (Planet earth’s human beings).


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