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  1. Steve on March 16, 2020 at 7:00 am

    So what if I wake up in the morning with terrible thoughts, that is unpleasant sick thoughts running one after another through my mind, making me feel horrid inside- what should I do? This is the right use of comparison; what if I woke up and my house was flooding with water from some large plumbing leak, wouldn’t I come to the conclusion that I needed to find the shut off valve and shut it off? Well the same is true about those terrible thoughts running in your mind, all’s you need to do is ask the higher how to get them to leave, which will bring true intelligence into your thinking and a right course of action will appear. If you with your intelligence try to stop them by wishing they weren’t there, they will only get worst because ‘you’ are providing fuel to keeping them going. True intelligence will instruct you to quit fighting with them and simply watch them with the intent of learning all about them. It will also provide the strength to boot them out, where as happy constructive thoughts will return. A clear mind is everything your truly want, why? … because a clear mind is happiness itself.

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