Don’t Postpone Your Happiness

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Personal Insights

Here are some Vernon Howard insightful quotes and tidbits for you to ponder connected to your happiness level…

  1. “Refuse to live like others. You then escape the unhappiness of others.”
  2. “Unhappiness occurs when a desire for a certain result clashes with what actually results. The one in a million– the always happy man –is the one who examines his desire, rather than the one who blames results.”
  3. “Here are two sides to the same mystical coin: No one on earth can do you good except yourself; no one can harm you except yourself.”
  4. “It is a fantastic situation. The only thing that stands between us and buoyant happiness is our own unconscious resistance to it.”
  5. “If the ideas by which we live bring distress, the only sensible thing is to methodically exchange the unworkable principles for effective ones.”
  6. “The two shallow substitutes which people unconsciously take as happiness are activity and acquisition.”
  7. “Don’t postpone happiness.”
  8. “You were not meant to be unhappy.”
  9. “To change what you get, you must change who you are.”
  10. “You can react toward anything that happens to you in a way that retains your happiness–if you really want your happiness more than anything else.”

Once you start on the path to becoming authentically happy and gain some results you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner. It will not happen over night, but by my own personal work I know it will happen. I invite you to personally find this secret out, the truth welcomes all who are tired of pretending all is well with their present happiness level.


  1. There is no such thing as happiness in the future. Show me some future. Show me some past. What a hoax has been played on us to think that happiness can be hereafter. We fall for it over and again! Don’t postpone happiness. Be here now. Let’s appreciate all that is given at this very moment.

  2. ‘the always happy man – is the one who examines his desire, rather than the one who blames results.’ Here is a clear explanation why I am not the always happy man, but the complete opposite! Examining my desires is the very last thing I will do! Happily Vernon Howard has supplied this bag of ten gold coins if I only will open it and use them. I can and will start right now.

  3. Right Leo, we have to dare to get well. Wow! This is why you can not tell everyone about these real life facts, because most believe they are already well and just need a tiny few finishing touches. I did for years- but, not any more. Time to be ruthless honest about my condition and the worlds condition. Real happiness is on the other side of that mess which we all must go through individually. Cheers!

  4. “Refuse to live like others. …” Eternally grateful to have found another way; one that truly does deliver us from hell!

  5. I especially love #10. All I have to do is not go for unhappiness. All I have to do is want happiness more than anything else. All I have to do is give up my old ways of reacting with negativity. All I have to do is see where I go wrong and not react that way anymore.

  6. Unworkable principle – I must make a ‘success’ of my life.

    Effective principle – The seer is not the seen.


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