Fearlessly Examining Your Fear Delivers Results…Use Your Fear to Get Rid of Your Fear!

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Personal Insights

Once you realize that there are parts of you that have no interest in escaping your present life, everything changes. You see clearly where you can go to work on yourself with surprisingly good results. Every time you make a sincere decision to examine your fear with a relaxed, alert mind, you receive the rewarding opportunity to discover how to separate from that fear. You are not your fear. The slightest amount of anxiety will end an honest inquiry. So your study of fear must be relaxed. If you persist in seeing the fear is not you, you will start to separate from it. You will discover something new that you have never seen before. You will discover a huge hoax played on you and that you, yes you, have been in cahoots with this hoax. It’s bizarre in this world that self-reflection is so low on our list of priorities. This is bad news for the masses of humanity but for the individual seeker a huge advantage. If you are tired of building sand castles, then you can learn to build something that lasts. Self-command awaits your discovery.


  1. Very nice piece, Steve. Ruthless Inquiry and Pure Awareness will cure just about anything, especially ignorance, denial, deceit, comfort zone addictions, etc.

    One of my favorite quotes: “When you argue with reality, you’ll lose–but only 100% of the time.” — Byron Katie

  2. Yes, There is so much profitable work to be done and so much to discover. When you seek understanding boredom is totally removed from the picture.

    • We must walk this path, because we see the necessity, but we need to remain “Light-hearted” with whatever we discover. Onward and upward!


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