The following excerpts from Vernon Howard, when read and understood through personal action, surely lead to a life of true excitement, and confident serenity.  Here exists answers that your essence has been seeking since you were born.

(Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge)

To sow the same seeds is to reap the same weeds.  Even this simple law of nature is overlooked by those who ache over a habitually hopeless harvest.  To gain something different we must do something different.  How easy it is to criticize whatever goes contrary to our present beliefs rather than attempt to understand.  How shallow it is to speak the word ‘love’ and not realize that the word is not the virtue.

Do what you should do instead of what you want to do.  At first it arouses resistance, but the time will come when what you should do and want to do are the same thing.  That stage is known as happiness.

Perhaps you would like to know how the truth makes you a different kind of person.  With a mixture of wonder and appreciation you will see the difference in yourself for yourself.  Here is one way in which you will be different:  You will have the casualness of a person who has nothing to prove.


Inner Life Exercise
(50 Ways to Get Help from God)

26.  Walk toward a new and different world.  A new world exists for you just as surely as Venus exists.  It is inner, truly spiritual, ruled by Reality.  It awaits your discovery.  March toward this higher life right now by seeing what it is not.  It is not like this world. It has no confusion, no fear of loss, no loneliness, no self-destructove acts.  Change yourself and it is your world!  Be eager to make this inner change.  Years from now you will see it as the wisest decision of your life.


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  1. Steve on February 24, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    “Change yourself and it is your world!”…We must have a daily aim (the more the better), and today I’m working with “Guilt”. When you quietly sit down and decide to have an aim to work on guilt and 1 hr later have this painful emotion “guilt” arise in you psychic system, it’s really very easy to call it’s bluff. You say to yourself; “Oh my, there it is” and then by some inner magic, it disappears to not cause you to feel bad, you then continue your daily walk with added energy. This is so amazing to yourself, because you realize you just need to keep your inner light on anything and everything that wants to cause you to suffer and then… question it and the “light” will take care of it for you by letting you see how ridiculous it is to go along with feeling bad. The mind will say, “Hey the pasture is greener on the other side of the hill” and you will waste your energy seeking whatever object it comes up with when you could challenge that silly thought and realize your present pasture is just as green. Yield to the light and it will teach you amazing things about your inner workings.

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