round-bridge…Don’t hesitate to challenge any negative feelings you discover within yourself. That is a giant step toward their dismissal. Over many years of lecturing and counseling, I find many people hesitant to question their negative condition. They fear there may not be an answer. But we must dare to ask anything and everything, especially when suspecting that the answer may be contrary to our present opinion. This gradually awakens the intuitive self which explains everything to us.
What a pleasure to hear someone frankly admit a confusion in order to clear it! Example:
“I don’t understand. You say that emotional pains are caused by illusion. Illusion or not, I feel the pain!”
“A man certainly suffers from a frightening nightmare, but when he wakes up, where is the suffering?”
Whenever confronted by a particularly disturbing emotion, you may wonderingly inquire, “Is it really possible to arise above this?” With perfect assurance, you may tell yourself, “Yes, even this.”

-Vernon Howard The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power


“This world is a bridge: a bridge from time to eternity. It is not the ultimate reality, but only a transition. Therefore, pass over the bridge, and don’t build your home on it.” – Author unknown


Weekly Exercise

21. GO SERIOUS Here is how to rightly meet anger from other people. Go serious. This means to not accept hurt or confusion as an answer to their anger, for these emotions are dizzy, not serious. A special and pleasant kind of seriousness exists in you and for you, like a strong mountain cabin unhurt by a pounding storm. When you go serious, you detach useless emotions from the crisis, which leaves you in charge. Go serious.

– Vernon Howard Conquer Harmful Anger 100 Ways



  1. Gina Machovina on February 9, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    As Vernon Howard faithfully reminds me every day, I am my only problem, and seeing this is the only solution to this problem. If that quick and automatic angry or fearful reaction is caught~ the hostility: seen and felt, the chance for it to rule my day is extinguished. Seek the Higher by honestly witnessing the lower nature is the motto for this human today … and Go Serious!

  2. Steve on February 15, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    It becomes very understandable how these helpful Truths exist (and the how the whole world avoids them at all costs) when a person really goes to work on changing their nature. There are parts of you that get revealed to yourself that not only don’t want to be good, but have fallen madly in love with darkness. To strong?… well not strong enough. The shock of seeing what you are harboring inside is the energy you need to escape this madness. Only those who dare to see those dark parts within will know what I am writing about here and yet, it is totally available to every human being. Vernon Howard provides great tools for inner freedom but we have to use these tools (knowledge and exercises) or they are worthless. Action is the Asking!!

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