When I first attended a Vernon Howard talk, I literally sunk in my seat.  What he said about ‘me’ had such an impact that I could only sense at the time, but for certain, on that day my life changed direction.  I only now realize that what ‘sunk’ was my ego … and I am so grateful on this day that something in me continued, and that God never gave up on me.
(The following is an excerpt from Vernon Howard’s Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge)


At a Saturday class, Helen said, ‘Last week you urged us to build more self-honesty.  I have been trying to succeed.  Now I am sure there are many blunt truths about ourselves we need to face.  May we hear one of them?’

‘Whatever is wrong with another person can do you no harm unless the same thing is wrong with you.  Do you see how a certain cosmic law operates here?  You can get hurt only as long as you occupy the same psychological level as the person who hurts you.  Rise above that level and you are immune to injury.  An aeroplane passenger cannot be hurt by rocks tossed on the ground.’

‘I am sure that all of us here grasps that with our intellects,’ said Helen.  ‘Now we have to feel it with our whole being.’

‘Do you now see why you are given all these blunt facts?’
‘So you won’t walk out of here into trouble.'”


Give yourself more work than you can handle.  Always push beyond your present limits.  Never settle into a comfort zone.





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  1. Melodie Machovina on May 14, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    I love how practical and simple this work is. The key to stop feeling bad… is to just stop feeling bad! Just drop it. Easier said than done, but it’s the only thing that works; that’s why we should always welcome the challenge.

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