Sign a Peace Treaty


Here’s a snippet of a talk by Vernon Howard on  4/20/1986:

monument valley

“Just don’t love war anymore. You’re all engaged in it, and you
know what warfare is. It’s attacking, it’s an attempt to hurt,
injure and kill, and it’s getting wounded in return. You are
engaged in violent inner warfare.

This warfare consists of any wrong unnecessary, hurtful moods,
attitudes, beliefs. When you’re sad, you are battling in war.
When you are aggressive and rudely impudent toward another
human being, you are engaged in war. When you cry out in
despair over your condition in this life, you go into pain,
pain accompanied by rage!

Pain is always accompanied by rage and fury and hostility
and hatred. If you’re rageful, you are hateful! That’s warfare!
Sign a peace treaty. I told you what to do. Put down the rifle
and the bayonet and the bombs, your anger, your self-defense
and your offense. Just put them down, regardless of what you
think will happen to you as the result of signing a peace
treaty with yourself. Just do it and do it now. And do it
for the rest of the day and on and on, every time that thought
occurs to you.”