Just Observe

starsJiddu Krishnamurti comments on self-identifying, understanding and a mind deeply observant.


Being aware does not mean learning and accumulating lessons from life; on the contrary, to be aware is to be without the scars of accumulated experience.  After all, when the mind merely gathers experience according to its own wishes, it remains very shallow, superficial.  A mind which is deeply observant does not get caught up in self-centered activities, and the mind is not observant if there is any action of condemnation or comparison. Comparison and condemnation do not bring understanding, rather they block understanding.  To be aware is to observe, just to observe, without any self-identifying process.  Such a mind is free of that hard core which is formed by self-centered activities.
J. Krishnamurti,  The Collected Works Vol. X


Inner-Life Exercise

Observe.  Just observe.


  1. Gina on April 17, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Thankfully for us mere humans on this spinning miraculous planet in this huge and ever changing universe, there is a formidable method by which to un-stick the Self… that self which has spent it’s entire life getting involved, feeling a victim, or a victor, creating havoc in its wake, always justifying to find identity. “To be aware is to observe, just to observe, without any self-identifying process”. as beautifully stated by Mr Krishnamurti… The keys to the Kingdom are at hand!

  2. Steve on April 20, 2019 at 3:55 am

    So I have spent years and years and years of accumulating knowledge only to get to the point of seeing that it all must go if I’m to have the self freedom I yearn for…so be it.

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