“Looking for Inspiration”

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Personal Insights

True Inspiration is an inner awakening to what is. In this elevated state, problems you had yesterday or even an hour ago are entirely canceled. Gone, and now they are laughable. Worries appear like a toddler trying to pull something over on you. They haven’t a chance to enter and consume your peace of mind. Your mind is not crowded with junk, and you can think clearly. Your inner clarity is so new and bright that you can’t quite believe you feel so good, and yet, it is so. This is the pearl of great price the bible mentions. Once you experience this inner freedom, your life forever changes, for now, you have something to live for, a real purpose. Your view of Life has shifted. My question to everyone and myself is, why aren’t you seeking this unearthly high state?

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  1. it’s everything! All else is so insignificant in comparison that it starts fading from our mind.


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