waveVernon Howard’s solution to making Spiritual Progress

Recently, while all alone, I sat myself down and asked a very important spiritual progress question:  “How am I doing?”… looking at my life, my spirit, my relationships and my general well-being.  Plainly, after being very honest with myself, I realized I had been deceiving myself concerning my personal growth.  Seeing that I have been deceiving myself is progress, for now I can shake off the wrongness and find the real thing.
I then happened upon this great comment Vernon Howard made which I put into action again and again and again… with Heavenly results.
So if you feel that you are spiritually idle and  are tired of carrying around your troublesome self; or even yet, if
you see that you are simply spiritually ‘stuck’, try this:


“Every spiritual step must be accompanied by the willingness and the appearance of feeling foolish.  There is no escape from the prison of your old acquired self without a deliberate, consistent willingness to appear foolish before yourself and others.  The willingness to appear foolish causes great, beautiful destruction.  The only question that is left is this:  “How fast can I go?  How ingenious can I be in inventing ways to be foolish before you and myself?”  You know that the reason we want to appear wise before others is because we want a picture of ourselves presented to them.  Now we are going to do the exact opposite of everything we used to do.”

-Vernon Howard,  A Treasury of Trueness #200


Inner Life Exercise

ROAM FREE   Think of something valuable you have learned to do, perhaps a business method or when cooking.  Well, learning about life is a thousand times more rewarding than these.  Appreciate learning.  Take a fresh and eager look at the power of learning something new about yourself.  Learning is a natural need that breaks down one wall after another to let you roam as free as a stream, enjoying everything and bothered by nothing.  Memorize and practice:  Learn life-liberty.

Vernon Howard,  Live Above this Crazy World


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