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As you gain more and more knowledge about yourself and. therefore, what’s really going on out in the world, you find yourself turning to very basic exercises. Why?  Because of the inner gold that is hidden within.  Here’s one that will save you so much time and trouble.  From Vernon Howard’s  booklet, Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony ~

Exercise The Power of Themaswot:

How many times have you found yourself involved with a person or event only to later regret it?  This exercise keeps you out of trouble in the first place.

The whole idea is for you to be on guard against invitations and suggestions that look like fun at first but which turn out to be painful traps.  A person will get you involved in something, then suddenly lose interest in it, leaving you with the responsibilities and even the debts.  Such a person is a hit and run artist.

Employ the power of Themaswot.  This special word was created to help you recognize a trap when meeting one.  Themaswot means, “Themaswot makes the suggestions are the ones who must do the work, make the decisions and pay the money.”  Let this be your attitude toward deceptive people.  Stay away from their lures.  Do not let them unload their follies onto you.  Let their problems remain their problems.  The person who causes grief is the person who must suffer from it and correct it.  This is a Law of Life.

These sly invitations are far more numerous and dangerous than you may now see.  Become aware of them, then let Themaswot keep you safe.



  1. Steve on September 1, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    While surfing on the internet I often run into side ads or pop-ups that are clearly “Hooks” or “Themaswots” into a slide show of useless information. I must then go through many slides just to get my hook question answered and in most cases the information I was after isn’t even at the end of the slide show. This is a good example of a ‘themaswot’ because it steals your time and energy and leaves you frustrationed. I personally have fallen for this lure so many times. Sly invitations are sprinkled all over the internet and becoming aware of them does keep you safe. Great awareness exercise!

  2. George on September 1, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Once you start to sincerely work with a right inner-life exercise you discover unbelievable things. One great exercise is when you go grocery shopping, when it comes time for checking out, find the longest lined check-out station to get in. Yes, don’t do what you always do and seek out the shortest line. This puts the brakes on the anxious momentum most people live in. You won’t believe the inner protest that will happen inside of you as you do this exercise. Plus you will clearly see that everyone is living (If you call that Living) the same anxious life you were living before you did this exercise. You are getting your life back and nobody can tell you differently because you start to become aware just what you have been missing. You will be more relaxed and more at peace within. Then you will see that this themaswot exercise is also happening inside of you and will start to see a trick you have been playing on yourself. The discoveries are endless. Let’s get on with it!

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