The Aim of Possessing a Clear Mind

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Personal Insights

This subject of having a clear mind is enormous and connects with every action you take. “Man knows everything about his life except what to do with it.” -Vernon Howard.

Most everyone agrees with this human folly of believing that there is not much one can do about their condition and so lazily accepts society’s position. He decides, like billions of others, not to look at this insanity. He concludes that this is just the way things are and so turns away and finds an easy distraction. The world supplies endless distractions. But there’re a few people who find no deep satisfaction in their hobbies, the ball games, or the thousands of other distractions. These few ponder the idea that all can be different and begin their search for something more meaningful. If they encounter truthful teaching, they discover they want to know more. They start to receive new unbelievable insights into humanity and into themselves and their position on this earth. Their worlds get wider. They may not even be aware of it, but they are on the right road to having a clear mind. They get a taste for higher truths, and even though they have resistances, they continue to seek more facts. Once someone sees real change as possible, he yearns for more knowledge and a nicer life.

The trail up the spiritual mountain exists and is endless in unbelievable discoveries. Your inner eyes change, and you can see things you formally could not. A clear mind is everything. Aim high. “We can slip over into this higher center. Any time we really choose.” -Vernon Howard.

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  1. The Truth welcomes all but understands that a person must come to it. Truth never forces anyone to accept or agree or believe. A compassionate invitation is given to all. Only a few can’t continue to live the life society presents and it is for these few that this website exists. To put it plain and simple, “There is a way out.”


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