The Greatest Secret on Earth

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Personal Insights

     What is the cause and cure of a man’s or a woman’s problems on earth? 

That is the foremost question ever formed in the human mind. Discovering the cause and applying the cure is the purpose of this book (from the “The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power”). Mankind can be likened to a large party of tourists searching for a new homesite. they board a train that can take them from a dry and dreary desert to a grand and lofty mountain top. The travel guide assures them that the higher they go, the greater their capacity to see and enjoy the countryside.

There are station stops all along the upward way. A tourist may get off and end his trip at any point he likes. He is perfectly free to cut himself short, or to continue all the way to the top. Some get off at the first stop. They find themselves in desolate country. They settle down in secret despair. Others go on for another station or two, then take their leave of the train. Their location is somewhat better, but, still they settle down with a vague uneasiness.

A few others, the enduring ones, keep going. Somewhere along the early part of the journey, they make a fascinating discovery: Though the trip has its challenges, the farther they go the easier it becomes. Patience and persistence present sure rewards. So they eagerly press on. As they do so, they reach the peaks of happy and unworried living. With enormous relief, they find that the mountain-top was not just something announced in the travel guide, it is real, it is there, it is theirs. End.

This is not a made up story, but a true description of traveling the true spiritual path to a New Life. Forget all your difficulties and search where true answers exist.

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  1. I have been on this journey for a long long time. I can honestly say that while I don’t claim to know anything, my life has become easier in ways that I can see clearly. The more I persist, the less there is of the former me. It’s that very “me” that has been the problem all along, but that I now can reverse the process. I wouldn’t dream of stopping this journey. What new discoveries await?


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