The Importance of a Bridge

by | May 7, 2023 | Personal Insights

The importance of a bridge when meeting a deep unpassable crevice or gully cannot be overstated. Without the bridge, you’re blocked in the direction you are headed. If you have always wanted but failed at attaining peace and contentment, welcome. Vernon Howard’s teachings are a psychological bridge for the gap between Heaven and Earth. On this planet, we have starvation, wars, and endless human conflict. Everyone pointing at everyone else as the problem. Heaven does not have these terrible conditions, or clearly, it would not be Heaven. Vernon’s ideas and exercises bring any sincere person to a more heavenly existence. Yes, Those wishing for a better life can find it by going against themselves. You have nothing good to lose and everything good to find. What is the price tag? You have to pay with your negativities, your wrong assumptions, and your rock-hard beliefs. Once you realize all these are not valuable, you climb the spiritual mountain even quicker on the road to self-command and happiness. I have never regretted starting on this path to endless riches, I wish it for all who know they are struggling. Decide in favor of your real self.


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