Vital Information About the Way Out

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The following excerpt is from Vernon Howard’s amazing book of practical formulas for inner enlightenment, There is a Way Out:


Vital Information About the Way Out

1.  Remain in the center of these wealthy teachings.

2.  Truth solves all human problems with equal ease.

3.  The past casts no shadows on a man with cosmic light.

4.  Your real nature is in full harmony with change.

5.  The end of illusion is the end of painful breakdown.

6.  One of your aims is to have right self-association.

7.  This system teaches us how to stop running wearily.

8.  A problem vanishes with awareness of its false power.

9.  It is real magic to use despair to end despair.

10.  You can build a real nature which has no problems.



  1. Melodie Machovina on July 25, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    Short, simple and powerful. You don’t need a long sermon to teach you how to live a nice life!

  2. Bryan on July 26, 2017 at 12:19 am

    These powerful guides have helped to understand the following observations in myself. Thank you!

    1. Do not be the center of your false existence.

    2. Human problems only exists with the denial of Truth.

    3. The present moment has no association with the pain of yesterday.

    4. Your true nature has no desire for mental suffering.

    5. The breakdown is of the false natures own belief of existence.

    6. The goal of no longer thinking from the false self.

    7. The cosmic power to put yourself on the cross.

    8. When you see that the problem is caused by your own thoughts, you no longer react mechanically to your false condition.

    9. The use of pain to observe and expose the false identities and feel the shock of your inner development.

    10. The dark cannot penetrate the light.

  3. Steve on July 28, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    “The past casts no shadows on a man with cosmic light” is the one quote above that hits home this morning. If one views themselves as they travel through their day they can see the past has a gripping strong hold on everything they do. We stop at the same coffee shops, zip into our favorite gas station and shop at places were we feel comfortable and safe, which is o.k. but instead of sheepishly following these leads from our thoughts, wouldn’t it be better to know absolutely why we follow them. There might be a good reason and there might not be. Quietly and persistently observing this going on turns a punishing day into a day of self-discovery. Everything can be used to shine the light on processes that formally have been operating in the dark. If you are ahead of the thought that says this is becoming a boring day, your day will not be boring, something new and different will happen inside.

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