Excerpts from Mystic Path to Cosmic Power

by Vernon Howard

“What questions are asked most often by seekers?”
“People ask how to be free, how to work on themselves. People want to know how to proceed.”
“And the answer?”
“There are many excellent techniques. An individual can choose those best suited to his own taste. It is like a dozen upward trails winding up to the top of a mountain. A climber can start anywhere at the base of the mountain and hike upward.”

“Please supply examples of profitable techniques.”
“Observe yourself with the intention of seeing yourself as you actually are, not as you imagine you are. Read books by authors who have found the way themselves. Constantly realize that nothing stands in your way but your own conditioned mind. Get tired and more tired of not living your own life. Dare to think in new ways. There are hundreds of helpful techniques. Channel them into your single aim–self-insight which provides self-freedom.”

“According to the Mystic Path, what is positive action?”
“Whatever is done consciously, with awareness, is positive action. Inner enlightenment is genuine action. Suppose a businessman likes to picture himself as highly competent. He may be competent in financial matters, but a family crisis leaves him confused. It is positive action for him to see that business skill cannot be transferred to family affairs. Seeing his weakness, being aware of it, his self-study can now add new profit.”
“Then it is positive to notice negativities within ourselves, like weakness and guilt?”
“Of course. Nothing is more positive. Never forget-awareness of a negativity is the cure, the only cure of the negativity.”
“But we don’t like to see the dark side of ourselves.”
“No, because you still identify with them. You take them as being you which they are not. Observe the dark features, but do not say “I” to them. This is a gigantic secret which you must explore thoroughly. The time will come when you can observe anger or anguish within you as being entirely separate from your natural self. You are then beautifully free.”


Inner Life Exercise

“When you do not know what to do, you have no responsibility to do anything, except to be aware that you are lost. Do not do anything but that. Do not permit nervous anxiety to drive you to futile exterior activities. You are not shirking rightful responsibility when you refrain like this; you are wisely avoiding the consequences of muddled action. Clarity, clarity, clarity; our first duty is to think clearly. Make it your rule to understand things, which you can surely do. Then your action will be right.
The most trivial act becomes dynamic when you attempt it with self-awareness. Whether you are washing dishes, or painting a table, or simply walking from one room to another, try to be aware of yourself doing just that. Don’t just paint or walk, but be conscious of yourself painting or walking. This detaches you from the dream state in which most people live; it puts you in touch with your energetic center self. Any action performed with self-awareness becomes inspired.”


  1. Steve on July 12, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Our profitable task is to simply ‘empty’ ourselves of our ideas, opinions and concepts. They haven’t worked. We need to make room for something that works. The Gigantic Secret awaits our allowance. Our first duty is to think clearly.

  2. Leo on July 28, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    ‘Make it your rule to understand things, which you can surely do.’ This is my favourite part of this excerpt. It is doubly painful to be lost and to not admit it!

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