Your Remarkable Power of Choice

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Personal Insights

Vernon Howard was the one man who continued over the years to inspire me to new heights. His information which I put to work in my own life, has been an everlasting source of good news. I was re-reading his book, “The Mystic Power to Cosmic Power,” and here’s something that changes everything:
People say to me, “I think I have the power to transform my life, but the bubble bursts, and I’m right back where I started. Where do I go from here? What power, if any, do I have to make things right?”
You can be certain of one power, that of choice. You can choose to turn your life in the opposite direction. You need not be strong about it. You need not know where you are going. You need have no security of any kind. You need not determine that you will endure in your choice, for at the beginning it is impossible. There are still too many negativities within you that don’t want you to wake up.
You need only choose to turn, then keep choosing as many times as necessary. That is all you need do. Then, as you continue to choose, everything is yours, just as turning toward a lovely sunset makes it yours.
Magnificent! If only you will grasp this! Do you see how you can now lay aside all your pointless duties, your false responsibilities, your artificial strengths? Do you see how you can be in love with life because you no longer fear it?
Choose to turn in the opposite direction. Do it now. Do it, and the whole universe belongs to you.


  1. You can make your life simple and nice, or you can make it complex and erratic. It’s your choice. For some strange reason, humans on planet earth default toward misery. Everyone does this, pretending that their lives are great, but secretly feeling it is far from that. We have become professional liars and it is so bad we lie to our very selves. Fooling ourselves. The evidence of this is overwhelming. Nobody will look for fear that it will be to much. Look around and be shocked at this condition. This inner dishonesty keeps our lives in turmoil and destroys our health and relationships. Choose to become well.

  2. To choose something different, I must leap into the unknown. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s where Life starts and stagnation ends.

  3. A tool for choosing: If it doesn’t resonate with the right part of my being, it is wrong for me; it has no place in my life. Initially, there may be much about a situation that I don’t understand, but if it feels wrong, it still has to go.

  4. All I need to do is choose to turn, and then keep choosing. The prize is to be in love with life rather than fear it which deep down I know I do. Thankyou Vernon for these rare words of true inspiration.

  5. The real enemy is within. Until I begin to expose this traitor, nothing will change. My life will continue as it now does, but It will ever so slowly get worst, and I will have to lie about this telling myself I’m doing fine and getting better. The lie trap is intoxicating. This is why a person must shock and jolt themselves out of this dangerous thinking (sinking). Certain Literature reminds us that mankind is asleep, and I am one of that mankind. It is unpopular not to go along with this huge mass lie, but once you turn away, you will sense the rightness of your action. These are just words; the action and experience is what brings new clarity to your situation. There is tremendous relief in doing the right thing.


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